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Hairband sort of like my neck trailing down but it’s not something that makes me feel comfortable it’s not something that makes me feel confident so we’re headed to the Laser Hair Removal we’re headed to a place called Laser vicious I wanted to take the camera with me so that if you guys were ever curious but laser hair removal and you just kind of wanted.

Seven Clarifications On Massage

To see how it was done you can see it today also he’s coming hey how’s it going what are you expecting today um Don’t know what I’m expecting I’ve only ever seen like videos of like laser hair removal so I don’t really know what to expect these are some of the before pictures going on so you guys can belie it’s more patchy and it actually is isn’t it shorter in those pictures.

Seven Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About┬áMassage

Because I recently trimmed my back here because I went on vacation I know it’s something that I’m not ever going to like so I’m just Massage going to take care of it now and I hope you all support me on[Music]hi I’m good how are you okay so this okay cool tulip forms okay we’re going in this is Marie Oh through the consultation with you is kind of be how laser works and how it’s going to work for you and any questions or concerns that you have this is all on the treatment what.

we do is that with this specific machine the soprano ice headpiece itself is always going to be cold for what we do is that we actually layer the heat onto your skin so that the top layer of your skin is always cool so that the laser can actually hit that dermal layer of the skin where the hair is the reason we do multiple treatments is because we need to the hair.

can only be killed at the growing stage so there are three stages growing stage resting stage and the shedding stage which is not to say that that all the hair is not going to be affected during the treatment it just is the hair rule that’s not in the growing stage will get weaker and will grow back slower I actually had to shave my back before the.

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