How Laser Hair Removal Can Increase Your Profit!

But you know if you do end up going past all of your sessions let’s say you booked like eight and you end up needing more toucan get more if you end up needing less you can use like the remaining of your sessions for a different treatment or whatever I guess it probably varies on the you know place that you go to but that’s usually how it works I think the average number of treatments that they suggest is around eight but again it really really depends on you know the area of the body that you’re gonna.

10 Facts About Laser Hair Removal That Will Blow Your Mind

Get in what you’re getting done and how coarse your hair is all of those thing splay a factor so I can’t really tell your know you might need to go a little less you might need to go a little more also depending on the area of your body where you’re getting it done you have Togo back every certain number of weeks because that is when your hair has a new hair growth cycle so if you’re doing any kind of facial hair that would be every four weeks and then the middle portion of your body if you’re a guy obviously.

would be like your chest hair your back hair and then your legs which is your bottom half I think is every ten weeks I don’t know exactly you guys don’t quote me on that but it’s around that area it just really depends but that is like the average amount Laser Hair Removal of times that you have Togo back every few weeks for when your hair girl cycle grows back is that those hairs you wait another couple weeks so you’re more hair has it’s hair girl cycle and then you go back again and you keep going.

Until you complete you know your treatments and until the hair is gone I think the biggest question that everybody asks is about the pain and how much it hurts and things like that now Will tell you yes it does hurt but it i snot the most horrible thing.

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