Ideas To Organize Your Own Eyelash Extensions

5 Thoughts You Have As Eyelash Extensions Approaches

I am doing a laundryman so fun and later me and my cousin are going to get laser so I thought that’d take you guys along with Eyelash Extensions us and we’ll see how that goes I’m prepared forth pain not exactly but I’m pretty prepared OK so now I have to take my garbage out straighten my hair and then shave because you always have to shave before you go and you get your laser done so I’m gonna finish those thing sand.

Then I’m gonna go back outside today my clothes and we’ll be good Brion awe are on our way to got laser right now I should have blogged Briana’s road rage it gets fun oh you’re so cool with neurotransmitter minivan I just bought that on tape your criminal I am a little bit nervous the pain it doesn’t feel good stall but like the aftermath is so amazing you’re like oh my god I don’t grow hair anymore I’m excited even though I know it’s gonna hurt like how do you feel about it’s over each zap it’s like a car yeah to me it kind of does feel like match or like somebody’s cigarette they’re putting out on your skin if Could describe.

The Latest Trend In Eyelash Extensions

The pain so here we go okay so you can’t tell but we have to take our pants off and get laser Brennan said yeah you have to get your what did you call them again how to get your hair PI laser and then you said something else that was like mere piffle beyond hippo Yong what clam okay feel the burn[Music]don’t worry it I make up if you didn’t feel pain you knew it wasn’t one he’s gonna join a class feels like like we’ve had earlier you know feels businesslike someone’s putting a match out on your skin guys you’re never gonna.

Grow hair there again so the pain is worth it say that after scan I can say that during your gonna be like job wasn’t as bad as last night but you know good it’s because you have. so you’re tall yeah you gotta do your crotch[Music]like[Music]Annie are you alright Annie oh yeah okay how many times people usually have to come back for their like middle air letter armpit we are two three what if something here’s one before their last treatment they can keep this is like the Engels that you’re giving birthday know that no purpose really yeah and so now.


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