The Real Reason Behind Massage

would be reduced or we can stimulate muscle tone you don’t feel eight the muscle but if you stimulate the muscle tone yeah so can you give an example of when would you like to relax or when would you like to stimulate muscle tone even in pathology this repeat so when the muscle is weight week when the muscle is not used for example the simplest is on the fracture you have a cast you’re not using it or you’ve had a sprain or something muscle tear even the muscle get weak every time when the muscle.

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Get weak you may need to stimulate the muscle tone so this is one thing muscle we can stimulate and relaxing sorry so what is stimulating the nervous system and what is relaxing the nervous system what’s the effect what what does it mean describe me a scenario that you need to stimulate the nervous and what you need to relax the nervous it’s quite vague what is relaxing yeah well the problem is all the new disease you are not stimulating the nervous system it’s about immunity it’s in you.

let’s talk about what is stimulating the nervous system what sort of what how can you maybe act it like at the end how would you how would you how the client would look like after having the nerve system spin a lens can you be on the head mostly to join yes yes instead of instead of finishing the massage you’re like oh I’m so relaxed I’m ready to sleep to get some know.

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wake them up that’s that’s what stimulates the nervous system now it’s quite confusing be careful because some say oh I stimulate the nervous system and they think okay is it the sympathetic nervous system parasympathetic nerves know you are stimulating their alertness they feel fresh they feel ready to go they feel awakened they feel refreshed they feel that they can go and do something so for example if you have someone before certain exercise or someone who needs to go to work they still want to have the blessing of the massage but after that not to feel completely zombies.

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