The Reasons Why We Love Laser Hair Removal

Kind of putt out on your skin that’s what it feels like and it just feels like and it’s done it’s a very very quick pain it’s not bad at all because number one they’re putting a cold gel on your skins your skin is kind of cool already the laser has a cooling tip on it too softer they zap you you know not only isa gel helping but it has a cooling tip that kind of helps as well so it’s a really.

Quick pain it’s like boom boxroom yes it does hurt but it’s not the worst thing in the world I will tell you guys too that the place that it hurts the most is more towards like the inner like lips of your you know downstairs if you’re doing that area that part really hurts that part was definitely the worst for me as you guys can probably tell from that video but doing my armpits hears well but everywhere else was really not that bad yeah your legs kind of hurt but it’s not like as bad as like.

Thinner part of your you know I think it hurts a little bit more when it gets towards like you rankle the thing is the laser is only targeting your hair follicle so if there’s no hair follicles there you don’t grow hair in a certain spot the nit’s not going to hurt because that’s not where it’s hitting you know what Mean there’s any areas where you don’t grow hair then it’s not gonna hurt when it touches that area it’s literally just where your hair grows on a scale of one to ten as far as pain.

If one was the least painful I guess I would consider some more painful parts like five-and-a-half you know but I don’t really think it goes like much more beyond that because it is so quick you guys it is so work then you’re never ever gonna grow hair there ever again so worth it I would go back a million times.

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